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"Eating Healthy To Lose Weight Will Reverse Diabetes ..."

Fast Track Action !!!  Within days  I stabilized my blood sugar (glucose), which meant my insulin levels were stabilized,..

...just by avoiding certain things as simple as white starches and all grains, period; in other words I was eating to become diabetes free.

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If you have a glucose meter, check your blood glucose with test strips and record your readings today; then stop eating starches and grains for three days. Now, check it again a few times a day (2 hours before or after you eat).  Each day thereafter, do the same and keep recording your results.  

Note: During this time, it is not that important with regard to the numbers, but only that they stop fluctuating high and low, which you should see in a short amount of time.

Then, when your blood sugar levels (glucose) stabilize...you can now focus on getting your numbers down to an acceptable level, including your A1C.

Look over the website and make a plan by using the Food Chart as a guideline to learn how to eat properly. See below as a guide...

In the panel to your left, you will find top to bottom, the following:

First Time Message: here is where I explain my journey from sickness to diabetes, and what I did to stay motivated to not return to being dependant on insulin shots and diabetic pills.

News: I continued to research and find things of interest; especially if it is a food or drink, which I do  a blood test to validate it. Be sure to check here weekly.

The Eating Process: here is a simple outline of how the food we eat is broken down and goes through our digestive track.

Diabetes Underlying Problem: here is where you will learn that Inflammation is the cause of all chronic diseases, especially Type 2 diabetes and obesity; however, keep in mind that there are many Type 2 diabetics that are not overweight or obese.

Food Definitions: here is where you can get a general understanding of each food type (proteins; carbohydrates; and fats; plus a simple way to understand calories), and how and why they should be eaten in a balanced portion.

Food Breakdown: here is where you will find a source for a quick reference on how to balance the food you eat and how to understand food labels. 

Dining Out: whether eating in fast food or family food restaurants, it is an expensive bad health hazard for diabetics.

Keeping Records: here is a chat for you to download and/or print and record your numbers.

Calculators: using these are free and can come in handy for you to keep a record of where you are now with your health and the progress your making. By clicking on the links for calculators, you will live this website.

Fish Oil - after 2 years of taking and testing fish oil to prove to myself that it is not only beneficial, but is a necessity.  

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