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Understanding foods can be complicated. So, through trial and error supported by blood tests using my meter  after eating different carbohydrates, I've simplified it. At first, I counted calories and the glycemic load of each food I ate, but I couldn't or didn't remember every time I ate or drank something for some reason or another.

In its place, I started using my simple chart below (it becomes second nature after awhile) to differentiate between favorable and unfavorable carbohydrates; plus I eat low-fat protein, use monounsaturated fat with each meal or snack, and try to keep my daily consumption of sugars in a range of no more than 15 grams..

I use a regular dinner plate and divide it up into three - 1/3 portions:

1) One of my 1/3 portions is low-fat protein (about the size of your palm without fingers); and 

2) I add the 2/3's with favorable carbohydrates, or

3) 1/3 (the other 1/3 would be empty) with unfavorable carbohydrates.

Note: If I am eating both favorable and unfavorable carbohydrates, I kind of average the portion size. 

The table below is  one good way to not only watch what you eat per meal and snacks, but it is a handy reference for you to use as a guideline without having to figure out what is a low-density or high-density insulin stimulating carbohydrate. 

Print Chart  (I set this up to print on a 8.5x11 sheets)


Favorable (low-density)

Unfavorable (high-density)

Cooked Vegetables

Cooked Vegetables

Artichokes  Acorn squash
Artichoke Hearts  Beans - baked
Asparagus  Beans - refried
Beans - green  Beets = sliced
Beans  - black  Butternut squash
Bok choy  Corn
Broccoli  French fries
Brussels Sprouts  Lima beans
Cabbage  Parsnips
Carrots - sliced  Peas
Cauliflower  Pinto beans
Chickpeas  Potato - baked
Collard greens - chopped  Potato - boiled
Eggplant  Potato - mashed
Kale  Sweet potato - baked
Kidney beans  Sweet potato - mashed


Mushrooms - boiled  
Okra = sliced Banana
Onions - chopped and boiled Cantaloupe
Sauerkraut Cantaloupe - cubed
Spaghetti squash Cranberries
Spinach - chopped Cranberry sauce
Swiss Chard - chopped Fig
Turnip, mashed Guava
Turnip greens - chopped Honeydew melon - cubed
Yellow squash - sliced Kumquat
Zucchini - sliced Mango - sliced
  Papaya - cubed

Raw Vegetables

Pineapple - diced
  Prunes - dried
Alfalfa sprouts Raisins
Bamboo Shoots Watermelon - cubed
Bean sprouts  
Broccoli florets

Fruit Juices

Cabbage - shredded  
Carrots - shredded Apple
Cauliflower - florets Apple cider
Celery - sliced Cranberry 
Cucumber - whole or sliced Fruit punch
Escarole - chopped Grape
Green or red bell peppers - chopped Grapefruit
Humus Lemonade - unsweetened
Jalapeno peppers Lime
Lettuce - iceberg Orange
Lettuce romaine - chopped Pineapple 
Mushrooms - chopped Tomato
Onions - chopped V - 8
Radishes - sliced  

Grains, Cereals, and Breads

Spinach - chopped  
Tomato Bagel - small
Tomato - cherries Biscuit
Tomato - chopped Bread crumbs
Water chestnuts Bread - whole grain or white
Watercress Breadstick - hard
  Breadstick - soft


Breakfast cereal - dry
  Buckwheat - dry
Apple Bulgur wheat - dry
Applesauce - unsweetened Cornbread
Apricots Cornstarch
Blackberries Couscous - dry
Boysenberries Cracker graham
Cherries Cracker - saltine
Fruit cocktail - light Cracker - triscuit
Grapes Croissant - plain
Grapefruit English muffin
Kiwi Granola
Lemon Grits - cooked
Lime Melba toast
Nectarine - medium Muffin - blueberry mini
Orange Noodles - egg cooked
Orange mandarin - canned in water Pancake - four inch
Peach Pasta - cooked
Peaches - canned in water or sliced Pita bread
Pear Popcorn
Plum Rice - brown or white cooked
Raspberries Rice cake
Strawberries -diced fine Roll - bulkier, small dinner, hamburger
Tangerine Taco Shell
  Tortilla - corn, flour


Barley - dry


Oatmeal - slow cooking or cooked  
Oatmeal - slow cooking dry Beer - light, regular
  Hard liquor


Milk - low fat


Milk - soy  
Yogurt - Plain Barbeque sauce
  Candy Bar
  Cocktail sauce
  Frozen tofu
  Ice cream
  Plum sauce
  Sugar - any kind
  Teriyaki sauce
  Tortilla chips

Note: I am constantly updating this Chart.



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