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Fat is the essential ingredient that made us human and is the dominant feature of our brain. So, I concluded that it is very, very important.

Their make up is either 1) saturated (solid at room temperature); 2) monounsaturated (liquid at  room temperature); 3) polyunsaturated (liquid in a refrigerator).

Out of the three fats above, the monounsaturated fat is highly recommended. Why? Because it has no direct effect on insulin, nor any direct effect on glucagon (a hormone that tells your body to release stored carbohydrates in the liver to replenish blood sugar (glucose) levels for the brain); but it does slow the rate in which carbohydrates convert to simple sugars and enter your bloodstream. In addition, it also releases another hormone called cholecystokinin that tells your brain to stop eating.

The fats that you need to minimize or avoid are 1) saturated fats; 2) trans fats; and 3) omega-6 fats. Let's break this down a little farther:

     1) You can find saturated fats in fatty cuts of red meat or process meats (ham, sausage, hot dogs, bologna, salami, pepperoni, pastrami, etc.), and high-fat diary products such as cheddar cheese, butter, and ice cream.

     2) Trans fats (man made fats) are found in margarine and other partially hydrogenated oils that are used in many processed snack foods.

   3) Polyunsaturated fats like soy, corn, and safflower oils are rich in omega-6 fats, which if used or eaten in excess are far more worse than either saturated fats or trans fats. This type of fats can lead to increased formation of arachidonic acid, which indirectly builds the formation of painless inflammation.







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