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First, let me thank you in becoming a member...

If you keep in mind my story and the report that I've written with regard to the Health Care Industry, one of the purposes of this membership site is to share with you my understanding of how the body reacts inside after we eat and, also, why it's important to exercise. 

By using this knowledge, I became FREE from insulin shots, prescription pills, and obesity. It worked and is still working for me. (Please understand, I am not giving any medical advice or exposing some kind of secret starvation diet, nor am I suggesting that doctors or other health care providers are  useless.)

The simple truth is that although we have to factor in not only what and how much we eat and have some kind of exercise routine, but we need to understand that our genes play a major and determining factor as well, whether we are well or not.

We can't rewrite our genetic code, but we can change its outcome. In other words, if I knew that at birth I was predisposed to diabetes...I could have changed my gene's expressions simply by not eating the foods over the years that caused me to get Type 2 Diabetes.

Actually, that is what I am doing now to control my diabetes. So, maybe, in a sense, I'm not diabetes free at all. I just figured out how to control it by eating correctly, rather than controlling it with insulin injections and prescription pills.

However, here is the challenge we all face every time we eat: what can we eat and how should we exercise to become or stay healthy? 

In my personal experience, I think exercising is the least hardest of the two. For me, exercise is a simple thirty minute walk every day; and, now I've added (daily) some dumbbell curls and wall push-ups for upper body strength.

However, the hard part is eating properly. Not just knowing what is good for you, but staying motivated every time you eat. 

What I did first was to accept the fact that my diabetes was self-inflicted, whether my fault or not. I fell victim to obesity, insulin shots, and prescription pills. I knew soon to follow, it would have been kidney dialysis, amputations, blindness, and no teeth; and eventually a pre-mature death.  

Next, I had to figure out a way to stay motivated over the long haul; in other words to keep eating right and exercising every day. Since the daily temptations to eating unhealthy foods are so overwhelming, I started educating myself on what actually happens inside the body when I eat.

When I finally got a handle on how foods reacted inside my body and the consequences from them...I began looking at the different types of food, knowing what to eat or not to eat

What is good and bad every time I eat now comes first, and overrides any pleasurable experiences it might have. (It definitely works!)

I'm sure you've heard the saying: "eat to live, not live to eat.Well, now that I have a new way of looking at foods...I truly and can honestly say I do eat to live.

The great part about this is, and I thought it would never happen, I'm addicted to eating properly. It might be psychological, but since I don't take shots or pills, I feel better, and I have lost a lot of weight...I am inclined to believe it is really that my body has relearned how to eat.  

Now I have the real fear (motivation) of not going back to eating wrong, which would make me, once again, a slave to diabetic medicine. I refuse to let up and eat for pleasure.

Do I want to cheat at times? Absolutely. However, I have also learned to even balance my unfavorable foods and deserts when I eat them. (You will learn this in time.)

This membership site is constantly changing with new research and I hope you not only walk with me on the journey of wellness...but interact with me along the way.


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