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Painless Inflammation

1) Eat Wrong Things (especially starches, grains, and too many unfavorable carbohydrates); and

2) Blood Sugar (glucose) rise; and

3) Insulin Levels rise; and

4) Excess Blood Sugar (glucose) is Stored in Fat Cells; and 

5) Overweight, then  Obesity (not always, but most of the time); and

6) Inflammation develops; and over time

7) Type 2 Diabetes happens...

Good inflammation (redness, swelling, heat, and pain), actually is a good thing. Why? Because it is our body's mechanism that protects us from alien invaders (bacteria, viruses, and parasites). Also, it is the way the body responds to trauma and injury in order to repair itself.

Bad Inflammation, which I've coined "painless inflammation," is there, but you really can't feel it. You can tell with blood tests; but if you are a diabetic and/or overweight, it's almost certain you have it.

What does this painless inflammation do? Well, it does take time to build up; but when enough is accumulated it starts attacking your organs. With me, besides diabetes, my kidneys started shutting down at a rapid rate. It was a matter of time before I would have developed heart disease and other bad things.

What causes painless inflammation? First, I've learned that it's a result from a condition called "insulin resistance." In other words, the excess insulin from my secreted from my pancreas and/or shots failed to deliver the glucose into my cells. 

Then, this excess glucose was stored in my fat cells. However, especially because I was a diabetic, when my cells would call upon the stored glucose, the insulin also prevented it from being released. And, every time I ate, the same thing would happen all over again, and I got fatter and fatter. 

Now the trouble really started because the fat cells start producing AA (arachidonic acid is a long chain omega-6 fatty acid) and eventually cause this painless inflammation throughout the entire body. 








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