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Did you know that the body looses its requirement for protein daily. Therefore, we need to make sure we consume the daily requirement to stay well.

When eating protein, what happens is that it stimulates the release of a hormone called "glucagons."  This hormone tells your body to release stored carbohydrates in the liver to replenish blood sugar (glucose) levels for the brain.

However, the type of proteins are very important to understand. Basically, you have low fat proteins (fish, chicken, turkey, egg whites, and soy imitation meat products) and proteins that are rich in saturated fats and carbohydrates like organ meats (liver, pate foie gras, etc.), fatty cuts of beef and pork, and egg yolks.

The reason you want to void the proteins that are rich in saturated fats and carbohydrates is because they are high in arachodonic acid (AA), which is a long-chain omega 6 fatty acid and a precursor to painless inflammation.

But even eating low-fat proteins can be over done. Tests have shown that the adult female should not consume any more than three ounces and the adult male should consume no more than four ounces per meal. Otherwise, any excess that the body can't utilize will turn to fat.





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